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On the verge of release

568 pages and 102,012 words.

I have edited, reviewed, revised, reviewed, edited again and again. And again.

From grammar to page layout, to cover design, I have focused all of my free time honing my debut novel. I've even altered content. I am well pleased with everything between the front and back covers. That being said, I now face one final dilemma. I have grown out of the previous working title.

All of my future titles exist in the same universe. But they don't all share the same theme and therefore should not share an umbrella title. For example, Athalon is the MC of 2 books that take place in the underworld. Zayne, though he plays a big role in Ath's book, has his own story which revolves around him and vampire lore. Dark side of Winter is about a man hell-bent on catching an elusive killer. The three Augmented books, co-written with Elijah Cross, is a super sci-fi series that takes place across several planets. "Unto the Grave" might work with Ath but not for Zayne and the others.

I was leaning on self-titling Athalon's book but close friends have suggested that I rethink it before committing. Well, one challenge completed... onto the next; renaming my series!

Any ideas, I'm all ears.

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