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The Official Guide to the BEA Universe:

ISBN: 9798363435782


Independently Published​

The official companion guide for the BEA series.
BEA (pronounced Bay-Uh)
In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the inner workings of the universe where the entire Augmented, GRAVE, THIRTEEN, and RED series take place.

  • Discover distant worlds and magical realms that extend beyond the physical and into the supernatural.

  • The science behind the tech.

  • Original and classical mythological creatures with reimagined origins.

  • Magic systems.

  • Martial arts.

  • Faiths.

  • Characters.

  • Lore.

  • Lingo.

  • Alien languages and writing systems.

  • Maps.

  • Diagrams.

  • Drawings.

And much more.

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