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Mild Overhaul

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Still going strong with the manuscript. Added a good 3,000 words since my previous post.

I made some heavy changes today to the early chapters.

A new idea came to me which meant that some parts of the original plot just didn't fit anymore.

It's all part of the process.

What Am I planning?

I am at the beginning of this wonderful journey of being a fantasy novelist and I am having a blast!

I intend to put out A three-part series known as Augmented, the backbone of the BEA (Bay-Uh) series.

Then, still part of the same universe, I am working on 4 other books!

Two for my favorite Protagonist Athalon and his harrowing journey through the underworld.

A book about the origins of Zayne Dubois D'Entremont.


The Order of the Reapers, a first-hand look through the eyes of a Reaper and his struggle between maintaining his humanity and upholding the duties forced upon him that comes at a terrible price if not met.

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