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Greetings, fellow readers. Thank you for visiting my page. I am excited to present to you the first book in an upcoming series built around an imaginative universe of ancient gods and demons. Angels and vampires. Distant worlds. Aliens and robots. Science, martial arts and magic.

Blood, Fire, & Fate is the first book following a man who wakes to find himself imprisoned in the underworld. The powers that once governed the realm of the dead and the fallen are missing, leaving it in chaos, and those trapped within at the mercy of the beasts that lurk within its shadows.
Remembering very little about who he was or how he got there, he relies on the reflexes of his former life to fight for his survival.
In his search for answers, he uncovers a plot that threatens the very existence of mankind which could very well leave him without a home to return to. Finding himself on a path forced upon him by the fates, he learns the truth about who he really is and what he must become.


“Sorry. I don’t believe in fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it. I’m the captain of this ship. I don’t like the idea of not being in control of my life.”

Surprised by his response, the giant tilts his head in confusion.


“You don’t believe in destiny?”


“Hell no. We carve our own paths through life. We choose our own fate by the decisions we make. Otherwise, we are all just puppets and can’t be held accountable for our own actions.”

“I understand your skepticism. And to a degree, you are correct. Mortals are left largely unchecked and permitted to live out their lives on their own terms.”

“See? Well, there you go... We choose,” Ath interrupts.

“However, there are many circumstances where some are selected to be used as tools to manipulate the course of history or to fight against evil. Whatever your calling may be, one way or another, all the roads you travel will eventually lead you right where you need to be.”

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